Reduced Travel Costs

Travel can be a significant factor in the overall cost of doing business for internal security testing. As clients look for ways to reduce expenses associated with 3rd party assessments, organizations that don’t have a remote offering will find themselves at a disadvantage.


Telesploit provides both partially and fully managed solutions to meet your remote internal penetration testing requirements.


Maximized Onsite Productivity

Have you ever wanted to be in more than one place at the same time? Have you ever wanted to have all of your best resources in the same place together? Imagine if you and your A-Team could be everywhere all the time.

Telesploit allows a single resource to work multiple engagements, multiple resources to work a single engagement, or multiple resources to work multiple engagements.
Pre-deployment of the Telesploit solution increases productivity even for engagements that require an onsite presence. Perform all initial reconnaissance, vulnerability enumeration, and hash captures and cracking prior to arrival and be ready for exploitation on Day 1.


Every Telesploit deployment includes secure access to a dedicated collaboration platform so your team can share findings and provide status updates to management.
Are you supplementing your testing activities with 3rd party resources? The Telesploit solution allows anyone to be added to or removed from team communications on the fly.

Secure, Project Based Communications & Mobile Solutions

All of the Telesploit services are accessible from your mobile device. Collaborate with colleagues while on the road. Launch scans or terminate disruptive activities at any time from anywhere.

Additionally, the Telesploit solution includes wrappers for common tools that allows their status to be checked via a secured IRC connection. You no longer need to login to review activities, just check each tool’s assigned chat room to determine its current state.



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