The Basics

The Telesploit solution was designed to allow remote users to provide the following internal security services:

  • Device Discovery

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Penetration Tests

  • Web Application Tests

  • Wireless Testing

  • Database Assessments

  • Configuration Reviews

  • Custom Services

Telesploit is built on open source software. Our contribution to the community is fully functional, free to use, and includes limited support.

Community Edition

Build or buy your own Telesploit Server and rent the Telesploit Relay whenever you have an active engagement for significant savings that still includes full access to our customer support.

Partially Managed

Fully Managed

With a fully managed solution we take care of everything including configuration, shipping, licensing, and customer support. Access to the platform can be rented by the week, month, or a custom time period to support any engagement.

exploitation at a distance


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