Our Team
The Telesploit framework was developed by penetration testers for penetration testers. Our company has been built on the foundation that diverse backgrounds and experiences create the most robust solutions.
Adelina Cruz
Chief Executive Officer

Adelina is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging technology in novel ways. Raised in a military family, she learned early on that the only constant in life is change.

Ray Mazzola
Brand Manager

Ray is the lead singer for Full Blown Chaos and Brick by Brick. His bands have developed a rabid fan base with aggressive music and unique branding. When not proselytizing for Telesploit, Ray can be found on tour somewhere in the world.

Niklaus Peters
Chief Business Officer

Nik has built his career on developing relationships. Chances are very good that you or one of your contacts is already connected with him on social media. When not talking on the phone he can usually be found screaming at referees on the television.

Chief Consultant

Wirefall is an Air Force veteran with experience in local law enforcement and has spent the past 20+ years in security consulting. He is the founder of the Dallas Hackers Association and is a board member for the BSidesDFW security conference.



3000 Custer Road

Suite 270#214

Plano, TX 75075


844.376.4437 (844-FROGGER)

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