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The Telesploit solution enables organizations to remotely perform internal vulnerability assessments and penetration tests
leveraging resources located anywhere in the world.

Maximize Productivity

Telesploit allows a single resource to work multiple engagements, multiple resources to work a single engagement, or multiple resources to work multiple engagements.

Reduce Travel Costs

Travel is a significant factor in the overall cost of doing business for onsite internal security testing. Organizations that don’t have a remote offering will find themselves at a disadvantage.

Travel Smart

Pre-deploy the Telesploit solution before going onsite. Complete reconnaissance, vulnerability enumeration, and hash cracking prior to arrival and be ready for exploitation on Day 1.

Expand Your Reach

Hire the best resources and engage the most valuable clients no matter where either are located.

Collaborate Remotely

Secure, project based collaboration tools are accessible even from mobile devices. Work, share, chat from home, office, or on the road.

Stop Wasting Time

Highly skilled security resources should be focused on practicing their art, not on performing software updates, managing licenses, or worrying about logistics.


The Telesploit solution was designed by and for penetration testers

It enables remote users to perform a robust portfolio of internal security services

Device Discovery and Inventory

Vulnerability Assessments

Network Penetration Tests

Web Application Assessments

Wireless Security Tests

Database Assessments

Configuration Reviews

Custom Services and More…

Customer Testimonials

“Gaining Domain Admin from half way across the world was a consolation for not getting to eat Pain au Chocolat on the Champs-Élysées. If we did not have a remote testing solution like Telesploit, though, we would not have been able to compete with local vendors.”
Jim Daniel, Penetration Test Lead, at Critical Start
“Out of everything out there, Telesploit is the only solution that allows me to have the exact same tools and workflow that I'm used to right out of the box. Not having to leave the office has made this a tool I won't ever work without again.”​
Jeremy Emberling, Owner, at Emberlink Technologies
“Prevade Cybersecurity's penetration team relies on Telesploit to perform secure remote security assessments. It has enhanced our competitive advantage through effective cost reduction and efficient resource utilization. By avoiding onsite travel, we are able to dedicate more time to testing using skill-specific resources.”​
Bryan McAninch, Owner & Principal Consultant at Prevade Cybersecurity
“I had the opportunity to use the Telesploit solution on a multi-week internal penetration test consisting of an internal network and several internally hosted web applications. I was able to conduct Nessus scans and use Burp Suite without any performance issues. Telesploit saved my customer thousands of dollars in travel expenses and I was able to conduct my tests from the comfort of my home office.”
Phillip Wylie, Security Consultant, at Confidential

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