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Our Commitment

Telesploit is built on open source and is an advocate for the open source community. We contribute both financially as well as by giving back through code enhancements.
Every company will say that they take security seriously, but at Telesploit we build everything with a security-first mindset.
We also recognize that no matter how many levels of protection we have implemented there are always risks when providing networked solutions.
Security researchers are an integral part of our community and we embrace their contributions.
We are committed to responding to all bug reports within 24-hours.
If an exploitable condition is discovered within the Telesploit framework we will provide public acknowledgement and a reward.
If the vulnerability is identified in an underlying open source project that Telesploit is built upon we will donate to that project or to a non-profit of the researcher’s choice once a fix has been submitted.

Telesploit Open Source

Build your own open source version of the Telesploit server, relay, and client


Enhance your Telesploit experience with Remmina

Let's Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit


Telesploit relays leverage HAProxy to tunnel SSH over TLS

Free Opensource Ghost (FOG)

Telesploit exclusively uses FOG for imaging our servers

Kali Linux

Telesploit supports multiple distros including the industry leader, Kali Linux

Community is Everything

Telesploit has a strong connection to the island of Puerto Rico and its people. A portion of our profits are donated to The Friends of Puerto Rico.

Make a Difference

The Innocent Lives Foundation is dedicated to identifying child predators and bringing them to justice. Telesploit is a proud supporter of the ILF.

All images on this site are Creative Commons licensed downloaded from Wikimedia. Please consider donating to this valuable public resource.


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