Who We Are

Telesploit is a team of highly seasoned penetration testers with experience in military, law enforcement, and a variety of industry verticals.


An exploit, or ‘sploit’, allows for the bypassing of security controls. Since we’ve designed our solution to operate remotely we chose the name Telesploit to represent exploitation at a distance.

The Telesploit server was developed using the Kali penetration testing Linux distribution installed on a NUC-based mini PC. The Kali logo is a dragon and their motto is “the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear”. The Telesploit logo is from the Taino Indian petroglyph of a Coquí, which is a small frog that is native to Puerto Rico. For its small size, it is very loud! The contradiction of large and quiet vs. small and loud represents the disruptive technology that is Telesploit.



3000 Custer Road

Suite 270#214

Plano, TX 75075


844.376.4437 (844-FROGGER)

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