Relay: Web Proxy (Squid)

The server automatically creates a tunnel to the Squid instance running on the relay.

In most cases this connection is not required, but in environments where outbound connectivity is restricted to the Telesploit relay, this tunnel provides the capability to bypass egress controls.

NOTE: This resource is provided to install tools and perform software updates on Telesploit servers deployed within highly restrictive environments. Scanning or testing through this connection is explicitly prohibited. Violations may result in termination of access to all Telesploit resources.

Example Relay Squid Configuration
Host: localhost (
Username: <NONE>
Password: <NONE>
Port: Assigned relay proxy port

The assigned relay proxy port can be found in the file /root/telesploit/relay_proxy_port.txt.

cat ~/telesploit/relay_proxy_port.txt

Example: Perform a package update via the proxy server on the relay.

apt update --option Acquire::HTTP::Proxy=http://localhost:15075

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