Remmina: Overview

Telesploit supports and recommends the open source Remmina project ( for accessing most Telesploit services on Linux platforms. Remmina provides a single, tabbed window that provides access to all connected services on the assigned Telesploit server and relay.

Instead of going between an SSH console, SFTP client, VNC client, et al., with Remmina there is a tab for each service within a single window. This is particularly useful when accessing multiple Telesploit servers, as each server will have its own Remmina window with all of its services contained therein.

Another benefit of Remmina is the ability to take screenshots without having to open a separate application.

The Telesploit Linux client file download contains Remmina templates preconfigured for connecting to the services on the assigned Telesploit server and relay. These files should be copied to the Remmina application directory on the local system.

NOTE: The actual Remmina application directory depends on the installation method, e.g. APT, Flatpak, Snap.

Example: Copy Remmina templates to the Remmina application directory.

cp remmina/. ~/.local/share/remmina/

When the Remmina client is launched there will be preconfigured connections for Setup, SSH, SFTP, VNC, RDP, Rocket.Chat, and Nessus.

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