Questionnaire: Key Access

The Key Access section determines who has what type of access to the provisioned Telesploit services.

NOTE: Up to six (6) users may be provisioned within the questionnaire. Contact your Telesploit representative to provision additional resources.

The Name, Email, Phone, and Mobile are all recommended, but not required.

Server and Collaboration: Selecting this will provision access to all services on the Telesploit server and relay. All active testers should be given this access.

Collaboration Only:
Selecting this will provision access to IRC and collaboration services on the Telesploit relay. All project managers requiring the ability to collaborate with the team should be given this access.

Add/Remove Users: This allows the provisioned user to also add or remove resources on both the Telesploit relay and server.

Notifications: Selecting this option will send an email every time the server connects or disconnects from its relay. Key information is not necessary for this service, but an email address is required

NOTE: The current status of the server’s connection to its relay can be found by accessing the URL https://relay-<ASSIGNED TELESPLOIT HOST>


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