Questionnaire: Client Technical Information

The Client Technical Information section captures the configuration requirements for the deployment environment.

NOTE: This information should be provided prior to deployment, but for expedited requests it is possible to update the server once it is onsite.

IP Configuration (DHCP): The server will receive all configuration information through DHCP.

IP Configuration (Static): The assigned IP address, netmask, default gateway, and at least one DNS server are required.

Outbound Connection (Tunnel SSH through TLS on port 443): This is the default connection and should work in most environments. If firewalls or Intrusion Prevention Systems are breaking TLS connections or performing protocol analysis then the Telesploit server will require allow listing within those systems or a modification of the default configuration may be required.

Outbound Connection (Direct SSH on port 22): The Telesploit server will directly connect to its relay via SSH.

Outbound Connection (Other): Custom outbound configurations may be supportable. Contact your Telesploit representative. Additional charges may apply.

Outbound Proxy (None): This is the default configuration and no additional information is required.

Outbound Proxy (Simple): The IP address and port are required.

Outbound Proxy (BASIC Authentication): The IP address, port, username, and password are required.

Outbound Proxy (NTLM): The IP address, port, username, and password are required.

Deployment Special Instructions: Any additional technical information required to fulfill the request.

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